Hand Painted Kitchens

At Dunne’s Design, we specialise in designing bespoke, custom-made kitchens.

The hardwearing paint provides a soft and durable finish suitable for almost all kitchen cabinetry surfaces.

A hand-painted finish allows you to personalise your style by mixing different types of finishes and colours that will give your kitchen a very unique look and keep your wood well-protected and long-lasting.

Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary style, we have the perfect solution for your kitchen.

Benefits of Hand Painted Kitchens

There are definite and lasting benefits to choosing hand painted finishes for your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelving, chairs and other furniture such as the following:

Colour Customising Decor and Ensuring Easy Upkeep: The beauty of a bespoke, hand-painted kitchen means you can select your favourite colours and combinations enhancing the look and feel of your current cooking area. Regular upkeep and future maintenance of your newly updated kitchen interior will be much easier, since hand painted surfaces can be easily touched-up and withstand surface cleaning.

Supporting Many Decor Styles and Painting Techniques: Hand-painting a kitchen is ideal for creating a variety of decor styles. Apply different techniques including antiquing, distressing or colour washing to support and counteract natural surface imperfections and textures.

Keeping Your Bespoke Kitchen on Trend: Colour in the kitchen is a wonderful thing! Stay up to date with the latest kitchen colour trends by opting for a hand-painted finish allowing you to change your style and mood effortlessly, time and time again.

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